Monday, March 31, 2008


I am so proud of you!!! America's Best Dance Crew!!!
On a personal note, I can testify to the love between the JabbaWockeeZ as a family at Culture Shock Dance Studio- witnessed during my days dancing there. I was able to meet and know Belle & Rynan Paguio and the love they share. Creating the flowers for their wedding was such fun, leading up to the amazing event- never have I seen a more unique and heartfelt reception performance than was given to Belle & Rynan by their friends and dance students- it was unforgettable. For their wedding flowers we went with a modern garden look- manzanita branches, orchids, and tulips. On the left is the Escort Card table featuring wheatgrass flats and mini garden stakes each with a guest's name on one side and their table number on the other side. On the right, adorable flower girls and their kermit mum purses.
I feel so privileged to have been a part of their lives and now watch as their future explodes in front of them! Rynan's talent and determination is truly deserving and for Belle as his wife and the rest of the JabbaWockeeZ - WAY TO GO!!!! Ingenious performances, full of heart- I am so happy for you!!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Oh Hunny-Bunny!!

Happy and Joyous Easter! I admit I am a sucker for all signs of Spring- lambs, chicks, bunnies, pink and cheery anything. Yes, guilty as charged- I am a girl through and through. Still, there's two ways to do pink- sweet and sassy.
Two recent florals demonstrate just so-

On the left, with the pale pink satin and mini white statice flowers, those King Kong roses and coral mokara orchids are like your strawberry Bonne Bell. Whereas on the right, we have Max Factor- proteas to die for, scented geranium leaves, hot french tulips, and quince blossom branches.
Take your pick of pink:)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Spring is a time of renewal, correct? Hence, out with the old blog and in with the new blog!
And what better day to begin than on the heels of last night's fantastic ABC meeting. The Hard Rock Hotel hosted this month's event in true rock star fashion- hip staff and fun food stations. Plush Impressions debuted their latest designs- lounge furniture will never be standard fare again thanks to their imagination. Still, the top of the evening was celebrating Peggy Jewell and her dedication to San Diego's Association of Bridal Consultants. My own personal thank you to you Peggy, for being such a wonderful role model to those young vendors out there taking a leap of faith, proof that success comes with sound business practices and your heart in the right place.
Back to flowers! I just can't get enough of the blooming branches everywhere you look!! Keep your eyes peeled for ornamental plum trees, quince blossoms, and that lovely scented wisteria. I snapped these precious pink cherry blooms in Co. Waterford, Ireland just last month.