Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Shades of Green

I am personally very excited that everyone else is getting excited about Green Weddings. Green weddings are not a fad; they are here to stay, just as recycling and reusing, they will eventually become the norm. That is not to say that everyone will be wearing hemp wedding dresses and putting potted succulents on their guest tables, but there will elements of eco-consciousness available at every turn. Choose to use locally grown flowers and recycled glass vases like we did for Hans & Shannon in yesterday's post. Choose to gift your live orchid plants to your aunts and uncles or the neighborhood elementary school's science class. Choose to not go to excess when designing your wedding- Reduce is after all the first of the 3 R's. Choose a florist who cares. Yesterday the Association of Bridal Consultant's monthly meeting focused on Green Weddings and of course, I was more than happy to provide the florals seeing as how Going Green is right up my alley ;)
Wanted to be sure and showcase the lovely local selection- every flower you see here is grown in either California or Mexico. On the top we have pale yellow Stock flower with a nice fragrance to boot, pow factor orange and yellow tulips (two thumbs up for also being Veriflora certified), and the exotic looking Banksia protea, which have naturalized here in San Diego from Australia. On the bottom, we have a base of lavender purple Statice flowers, targets of red-orange Gerbera daisies, and neon mauve dahlias to seal the deal. (I feel like I'm narrating a fashion show!)
Anyhoo- great meeting yesterday hosted by the lovely Water Conservation Gardens at Cuyamaca College, informative and humorous presentation by Rene van Rems - International Florist Extraordinaire (btw, I want your job:)), and organic dining by EcoCaters. Check Heather Moreau of Vallentyne Photography's blog for her post on yesterday's event, too!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May Day!! May Day!!

With the flip of a calendar page the floodgates open, and the torrential bliss of wedding season begins!! Seriously, it's as if the fairy godmother of weddings shouts "On your mark, Get set, GO!" and waves her magic wand like a checkered flag! I'm in heaven, because I am a lucky lady running amuck with flowers in every color combination you can imagine. And just so you know, I haven't totally lost it- amuck is a veritable word defined as rushing about wildly in a state of extreme activity- which pretty much sums it up:) The wondrous part is the fact we'll be in this state of frenzy through November!! Who's up for the ride?

Cocktails with a view from the Museum of Contemporary Art, La Jolla terrace

Centerpieces for Jenny and Ben

Bouquet for Kristin & Jacob in Point Loma

Hans & Shannon's sunset by the Scripps Shores

The groom's dapper boutonniere of bouvardia and yarrow