Saturday, July 31, 2010

Veritable Valentine

Welcome to Jenny & David's swanky celebration of marriage! Takin' you back in time to the day of love...
Jenny loves the spectrum of grape to regal purple anemones and classic red roses- a modern and bold combination, only improved upon by the bitty crystaline glamour and clean ivory ribbon wrap.
The Bride & her ladies! Lookin' fab in the sun sippin' champagne!
We love our pretty personals- boutonnieres and corsages in our signature vintage wooden delivery boxes.
David, our stylin' groom- such a sweetheart, he even ordered fresh tulips for Jenny to be delivered in the morning as a special surprise!! xo!
Did I already mention that I love the oversaturated light of these pics??
That and the wide aisle of soft white rose petals :)
Manzanita branches and white phalaenopsis, dried hydrangea and red roses in tall glass create a contemporary, windswept feeling space for the ceremony.
Thoughtful single rose stems for their mom's...
Honestly, this pictures is an homage to the officiant's cowboy hat. So authentically Texan.
David & Jenny are true romantics at heart and wanted their Valentine's Day celebration to be a lovely day not just for them, but all of their guests. So we went all out!
Petals and roses galore, and there was no stopping us with the candles!
Look at this mountain of petals for the cake!! It was so amazing!!
The Grand Finale!!! Sparklers Forever!!
Thank you to Studio Castillero for the images!!
& Krista Cremidan for the ever-so-helpful coordination!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Yacht me to the moon.

Ok, this wedding has been made nearly famous with the number of posts and declarations of fun we've gotten as a response! So here it is, without further bowline or buoy pulls, live on our blog- Enjoy!
Lucky ducks Alex & Kelly had a blast decking out their home turf, the local Mission Bay Yacht Club. Bright colors and summer flavors kept the guests hoppin' for the all night long live band~
Bridesmaid bouquets of baby green hydrangea, orange & yellow bicolor tulips, with pin cushion protea to pop on the classic black.Lovin' on the crayola color palette...
Yellow mini callas, orange tulips, gerberas, and chamomile for Kelly's bouquet.Mr. Doggie likes orange, too, so we gave him a big bow- He handled it well :)
This photo cracks me up every time I look at it- so spontaneous and funny, caught in the act of who knows what...
The outdoor railing at the Yacht Club got the gerbera treatment- like white and yellow sunshines tied up with ribbon to blow in the breeze.
Ah, the quintessential mason jar!
Tulips, daisies, white scabiosa, and more protea..
Credit to Kelly, Alex, and all their friends for diligently saving nearly 100 jars!
So fun with the matching lanterns strung above the picnic tables!
Oh gingham, we meet again, you with your checks and cheery disposition.
Ahoy! Congrats K + A!
Thank you to Theorie for the fantabulous photos!
& Cynthia Zatkin's CZ Events for a very smooth ride all day through.
For more images of this wedding, go see the blogs for California Wedding Wave or Anthologie Weddings...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I HEART Liz & Greg!

This is Liz :)
& This is Greg :)
& This is their wedding...
Wildflower style and all locally grown~ orange leucadendron and yellow acacia blend with bright purple statice and pink sweet peas.
Liz's mom's wedding dress lace wraps around her purple satin stems.
Have you ever seen such a look of sheer joy?! xo!
Bridesmaid bouquets of green dianthus with kicks of sweet smelling pink peas and more orange leucadendron against their grape dresses.
The ocean themed stationery was so unique and oddly pretty- octopus tentacles drape over the tented name cards..
..while ocean amulets adorn the table assignments.
Pin Cushion Proteas and skinny grass submerge in cylinders of water.
New varieties of locally grown Pinwheel Proteas spark up the tables.
Dinner with a view over the Pacific Ocean seemed only appropriate for this surfer pair.
Happy happiness to you two!
Fun photography by Stephanie Dana!
Amazing paper goods by Love at First Invite
Smooth coordination by I Do Weddings!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sweet Sweet Summer

Michelle's colors were so soft and gardeny, it reminds me of creamsicles :)
White scabiosa, orange dinner plate dahlias, yellow stock, and garden roses comprise her bouquet.
The vibrancy of bridesmaids~ deep orange ranunculus, multicolor dahlias, and copper clutches!
Cool blue with poppin' orange- bittersweet berries, purple thistle, and green dahlia buds..
The super sweet ceremony outside the La Jolla Women's Club- mossy cones with dahlias and vibernum berries line the aisle beneath bright red lanterns stung in the giant tree!
Simplicity of cocktail hour~ white stones, orchids, budvases, more dahlias.. oh summer.
Find your seat! Escort cards held by wine corks and wildflower bouquets in terracotta.
You couldn't get more fun loving then this- purple thistle and red dahlias going in every which way...
Floating candles nestled in coxcomb and celosia with enormous white dahlias...
Teddy bear sunflowers and Japaneses poppies add their unique textures to the mix above dangling candles.
Sweetheart Table: can you feel the glow. The shimmering navy pintuck linen sets off our white stones, orchid blooms..
Congratulations Michelle & Josh xo
Thank you so much to Joshua Aull Photography for the pretty pictures!
& Bella Sera Event Design for the amazing coordination of this long-distance and multi-hued wedding!