Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Spring is a time of renewal, correct? Hence, out with the old blog and in with the new blog!
And what better day to begin than on the heels of last night's fantastic ABC meeting. The Hard Rock Hotel hosted this month's event in true rock star fashion- hip staff and fun food stations. Plush Impressions debuted their latest designs- lounge furniture will never be standard fare again thanks to their imagination. Still, the top of the evening was celebrating Peggy Jewell and her dedication to San Diego's Association of Bridal Consultants. My own personal thank you to you Peggy, for being such a wonderful role model to those young vendors out there taking a leap of faith, proof that success comes with sound business practices and your heart in the right place.
Back to flowers! I just can't get enough of the blooming branches everywhere you look!! Keep your eyes peeled for ornamental plum trees, quince blossoms, and that lovely scented wisteria. I snapped these precious pink cherry blooms in Co. Waterford, Ireland just last month.

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JLP said...

I love it when those pink buds bloom here in San Diego, too. There are so beautiful