Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wish I said it first!

"I'm an insatiable flower floozie... I'm always in love with a new plant. Well, I love to be in love and if you can't have a new boyfriend every week, you can have a new flower to love."

So says Annie Hayes, proprietress of Annie's Annuals and woman after my own heart! Annie's Annuals is THE source for seeds of any flower worth growing. Located right here in California, up in Richmond, the wholesale/retail operation offers native plants, hard-to-find plants, newly cultivated plants, and plants you don't even know you want yet. Don't be deceived by the solid green appearance of her nursery, should you get to visit. Annie's Annuals prefers you get to enjoy the entire blooming season of your new purchase, so you buy plantets not yet in the flowering stage. Her website is ultra organized and very informative; I highly recommend it for those with a spot of land, a desire to be pleasantly surprised, and not a clue what grows in sun vs. shade.

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Brad & Alicia said...

I am going to check this site out.
You won't believe the plants at my place.
I have a huge greenhouse too.
Orchid growers use to live here.