Monday, September 28, 2009

Doing your homework..

It's planning time.. as summer madness dies down, there is a refocusing of attention on all the new engagements and couples starting to dig in to their wedding checklists. For the benefit of all the happy, giddy, nervous, overwhelmed, and overjoyed new fiances and fiancees, I want to offer a bit of "Flower Homework" that will help frame your discussions of flowers between the two of you, you and your mom, friend, bridesmaid, maid of honor, bloggers, etc.. This is an article I wrote for Weddings of Distinction- you're welcome to read it online at their beautiful website, or scroll down here for a read..

Hope this helps and post comments if you have additional insights! I'd love to hear your wedding wisdom!

How to do your Flower Homework :)

When preparing to meet with your florist it's easy to think they are going to have all the answers! But, if you are aware of your own preferences and needs in advance of your first appointment, the experience will go much smoother.
It's important to remember that it's your wedding and that your florist's job is to enhance your personal wedding style by translating it into the floral designs that become your bouquets, ceremony decorations, and reception centerpieces, among other details.
The more you know about yourselves and what you are hoping to see, the better your florist will be able to guide you and make recommendations that are perfectly suited to your tastes! It's true that couples often come in the door with partial ideas and leave with a much clearer vision for their wedding day, simply because the flowers tie everything together from the dresses to the favors- your wedding design develops through your conversations with your florist.
With this in mind the key things to do before appearing at your florist's door are to-

1) Know your colors.
Even if the shades change from dark to light or earthy to spring fresh, the general color scheme is a major force of guidance.

2) Know your budget.
Your florist can help you maximize the amount you prefer to spend if he/she knows from the start how much there is to work with.

3) Explore your options!
Look online at all the many, many blogs/magazines/websites (hello- look at the list on the right side of the page :)) with pictures of real weddings to help inspire you and show you the creativity available to personalize your day.

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