Monday, September 28, 2009

Doing your homework..

It's planning time.. as summer madness dies down, there is a refocusing of attention on all the new engagements and couples starting to dig in to their wedding checklists. For the benefit of all the happy, giddy, nervous, overwhelmed, and overjoyed new fiances and fiancees, I want to offer a bit of "Flower Homework" that will help frame your discussions of flowers between the two of you, you and your mom, friend, bridesmaid, maid of honor, bloggers, etc.. This is an article I wrote for Weddings of Distinction- you're welcome to read it online at their beautiful website, or scroll down here for a read..

Hope this helps and post comments if you have additional insights! I'd love to hear your wedding wisdom!

How to do your Flower Homework :)

When preparing to meet with your florist it's easy to think they are going to have all the answers! But, if you are aware of your own preferences and needs in advance of your first appointment, the experience will go much smoother.
It's important to remember that it's your wedding and that your florist's job is to enhance your personal wedding style by translating it into the floral designs that become your bouquets, ceremony decorations, and reception centerpieces, among other details.
The more you know about yourselves and what you are hoping to see, the better your florist will be able to guide you and make recommendations that are perfectly suited to your tastes! It's true that couples often come in the door with partial ideas and leave with a much clearer vision for their wedding day, simply because the flowers tie everything together from the dresses to the favors- your wedding design develops through your conversations with your florist.
With this in mind the key things to do before appearing at your florist's door are to-

1) Know your colors.
Even if the shades change from dark to light or earthy to spring fresh, the general color scheme is a major force of guidance.

2) Know your budget.
Your florist can help you maximize the amount you prefer to spend if he/she knows from the start how much there is to work with.

3) Explore your options!
Look online at all the many, many blogs/magazines/websites (hello- look at the list on the right side of the page :)) with pictures of real weddings to help inspire you and show you the creativity available to personalize your day.

Article by Paula Rae ~ Reposted courtesy of

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Exquisite Weddings Tabletop

The new Exquisite Weddings Magazine has hit the stands and the launch party is next week, so needless to say we are pumped and proud!! Many many thanks to Terri Rippee for the beautiful photographs of our 'Tableaux' as she so appropriately called it..
Tableaux being defined as 'a beautiful scene, dramatic moment, work of art, life captured in time'... that certainly was our goal :)
Rachel Welland of Bliss Event inspired a table setting of vivid orange and aqua blue reminiscent of a Mediterranean poolside affair, and we went for it!
Our complete tableaux :)
Detail shot down the line...
White china mums and local eucalyptus in chic orange crocodile (faux please) skin platters...
Pin cushion protea, white river rocks, aqua beach glass, sea salt & sea shells, succulents...
Cute little flower pockets custom created by our friends at Noon Design Shop just for us!
Name cards with a motif to match Rachel Welland's custom placemats...
Clearly we're all about the custom and Noon Design Shop was up to the challenge- Monogram plate wraps in the perfect color and matching motif..

Look at that color pop! Vivid orange callas for each guest place setting~

& our signature cocktail to boot! Blood orange margaritas, of course! and a coordinated drink flag, no less. Check the EW Magazine Article for our recipe!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Be inspired!

Isn't it wonderful to be inspired and equally wonderfully flattering to be inspiring!! Well, you may recall a wedding we designed for/with Yia & Sal, and their wonderful coordinator Heather Balliet of Amorology Weddings... the photos have been featured hither and yon, and we're so thrilled to see the web-world take note of our sweet designs! Take a peek at the posts...
Featured photo in an interview between wedding blog ladies Leila Khalil of and Jen Campbell of!

adorable captures by Paloma Images...

the bouquets...

combo of etsy finds and flowers- LOVE IT!!

I personally love these colors and the kraft numbers resting on a grape leaf are such an original touch.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Summer's Sweet Simplicity

Oh yellow white and green, how do I love thee, so fresh and so cleanclean, and yet soft like a field of dandelions... well, Jamie & George knew how to do it right- from ultra fun bridesmaid dresses and mexican fiesta beer on the patio, to Lady Dottie and the Diamonds for a live band reception.. their ecologically conscious wedding was a hoot. Thank you for the amazing photos Susan Yee for En Pointe Photography.

Sweet satisfaction- white lilac and ranunculus with chamomile, locally grown and perfectly in season.

Feel that fearless color surge!

Standing by the sea, surrounded by blooming dogwood branches and wildflowers in mossy cones...

Detail perspective of snaps and wax flower...

Oh happy day.

Centerpieces of yellow, gold, white and grey-

Varying combos of dusty miller and ranunculus, hydrangea, and feverfew chamomile.

& how about this as a "green" (and green) wedding favor- reusable cloth bags!

Where would we be without cupcakes?

don't answer that- Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. to the rescue.

A little bit a' soul and Sol to make memories that last forever..

Our happy couple..

Oh wait.. you meant this happy couple ;) Congratulations J & G!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Where have you been all my life?? or at least this month??

I know, you're just waiting.. waiting to see what we've been up to all month, all summer long! And I just want you to know, you will NOT be disappointed!! We have been loving on flowers and bling and herbs and wildflowers and neon and candles and draped organza and all kinds of other fun stuff!!! And you know that my favorite part (right after seeing the bride sooo happy with her bouquet and centerpieces..) is sharing every moment and every creation with you, my flower readers!

so, with no further ado, I bring you, back on the blog, another wedding (big surprise)...
but it's super backyard style!!!

The lovely and soo sweet Kristen carried a bouquet of coral and peach, orange, lime, white and a hint of purple- doesn't it scream summer? xox

Bridesmaids dressed in indigo purple carried a contrasting bouquet of orange mokara orchids and baby green hydrangea.. on a side note, I seem to be in love with hydrangea leaves lately! I've been letting them hang out all over the place! Watch for hanging leaves in all my summer weddings to be posted over the next couple months..

These crazy and vibrant floral arrangements stood in front of the coolest window pane backdrop for their wedding ceremony "altar space" at the church. The colors were rockin- from purple to orange and green in every pantone hue.. heliconia, snap dragons, bells of ireland, statice.. leave no flower unnoticed in our scrolled iron stands.

Ah, the sweetness of a true backyard wedding.. together with Continental Catering, we transformed the back patio and poolside deck.. So simple and fresh- ranunculus and statice in eucalyptus and gardenia foliage.

The cool and soothing effects of blue glass and fresh lavender stems for aromatherapy were appreciated in the hot sun of Rancho Santa Fe, though I heard there was some late night swimming, too ;)