Monday, May 31, 2010

Orange you glad you're a ranunculus?

Shining bright like summer and infused with orange juicy vibrancy!
The fresh palette that Sarah went for is one of my faves for SoCal- orange ranunculus, cymbidium orchids, and white with green parrot tulips- can you get more fresh?
Awww... :)
True tradition- this antique brooch has been in the family for generations- placed gently, but securely on the stems wrapped in Sarah's lace.
We get Papaya bridesmaid dresses to go with our Orange & Lime Bouquets!Have to give props to the Groom for his amazing street sign/table names & to the Bride et. al. for the lovely flower arrangements!! Way to go!
Cupcakes and kissing- doesn't get better than this.
Coordination by Brenda Swann of Swann Soirees
Photos by Gabrielle Fox Photography
Sweets by Sweet Cheeks Baking Co.
Shot on location in my neck of the coastline, at the Ocean View Villas of Ocean Beach

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