Monday, February 9, 2009

Stationery Showcase- All about personalization!

With planning season seriously underway, many brides are feeling they're making progress signing on with vendors and venues (yay!) and now the fun part of picking stationery patterns and styles come to the forefront. On a personal level, I am a stationery junkie. I buy cute cards, one of a kind notes, letter and envelope sets, sticker seals, and pens like they are the last luxury on Earth, and I even make my own hand-illustrated and photo cards when I have free time (which is a rarity, I know, but think back to the years before I had Rae Florae..)
So, in honor of the dedicated bride who wants a personalized paper product, I am showcasing the invites and thank-you's that stood out in my mind for 2008. I can't wait to see 2009's!

Points for clarity, color, and whimsical style! Now you'll remember Laura and Zach are the wonders who shared with us about Google Pages for everyone to share their wedding image boards.. that post is here.

Jayanti & Zach (I know, what a coincidence both grooms are Zach's!) went all out, having their SUITE of LETTERPRESS stationery custom designed to be an image of their favorite flower, the Stargazer lily, and ink color to match the predominant tone of their wedding. Double points for custom, botanical style, and clean color. Plus, their envelopes were a yummy sage green and natural brown to balance the pink-ness.

Triple Point winner of the year.. custom, creative, and home-made..
Jenny & Ben! Jenny was so amazingly crafty for her wedding, yet when this Thank You card came in the mail it still impressed me and made me smile! The personal photo of their pups all dressed up and fashioned into a two-sided card, staying with their wedding colors and allowing just enough room for a sweet note. The pleasure was all mine :)

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