Sunday, September 14, 2008

MAJOR Bride Tip!!

Laura & Zach want fun citrus colors with fruit-in-the-vase style centerpieces.
Now, this is sounds lovely, but believe it or not, a little vague. Envisioning an entire wedding color scheme and design theme requires so much more information!
Let's dissect the elements...

Citrus Colors - are we talking orange and yellow, yellow and green, any hot pink in there?
Fruit-in-the-Vase - tangerines, lemons, limes, kumquats, key limes? sliced or unsliced or both?
Lucky for me, Laura turned out to be one smart cookie of a bride, intuitively knowing that if she wanted to be specific, visual aids were the key to wedding day happiness :) So, she created a web page all her own and filled it with a smattering of all the photos she found and liked, then added explanatory notes. See her handiwork for yourself, and then make one for yourself!
What Laura had to say about the process...
"I spent a long time searching for pictures of bouquets and other wedding details online and was looking for a way to display all of my favorite photos together in one place. I decided to try out Google Sites (go to and select "Sites" on the "More" drop down menu). Google Sites is a free service that allowed me to post pictures of bouquets I like alongside photos of confirmed wedding details (the invitation, groomsmen attire, and bridesmaid dress). By creating a montage of photos and captions, I was able to give Paula a sense of the overall look and feel I want for the wedding."

What I say... "Genius!"

ps. photo by BCR

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