Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cari & Marc @ La Jolla Shores

Oohh, love :)

To match the terracotta setting amid the sun and sand, Cari and her mom, Carole, were looking for a natural, relaxed feel to their florals.. with a taste for gerbera daisies, dahlias, and anything branchy, we had our creative direction in order.

Silver ribbon accents tied the sunny gerberas to the railing leading to the ceremony.

Bittersweet branches, rosehips, miniature calla lilies, roses & gerberas, dahlias, snowberry, green hypericum coffee berry, coxcomb in orange, red, and magenta.. the list goes on and on!

The texture and variety in these arrangements is what makes them so beautiful. All the flowers are given plenty of room to bend and drape as they wish. I also love the teal green glazed terracotta pottery I was able to find just for Cari & Marc- nothing standard here!

The finishing touch.

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SidebySide Video said...

Your flowers at this wedding were amazing! We got lots of fun shots of them. Check out Marc and Cari's reception highlights on our blog to see: