Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blushing Baja, Ca

Sometimes, pink is the only color I can imagine looking this pretty.
Don't get me wrong, I love every color out there and in every combination-
but this soft combo of pink cymbidiums, pale green hydrangea, and white dahlias is sweet and fresh. Plus, the orchids came in an especially yummy mauve color, spotted with deeper reddish purple hues, adding just a touch of exotic flavor for the wedding in Baja last weekend.

Best part was the bride is in love with these blush pink "dinner plate dahlias" and we were able to get them in plentiful supply despite the heat, yay!

Spray Rose Accents...
The bridesmaids bouquets featured, along with the flowers I mentioned, a few stems of Tiramisu spray roses- petals are a similar reddish purple hue with white backing..

The bride's bouquet featured White Majolica spray roses, which have the loveliest perfume scent, along with the pink dinner plate dahlias, pink sedum, and pink cymbidiums...

and while we're on the subject- another adorable spray rose..
Pupita has baby pink petals that lighten toward the edges, eventually blending into pale green. It wasn't the right shade for this wedding, but I couldn't resist bringing them home for a friend!

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